I couldn't be happier with my Straightener.. My hair is so soft and shiny all the time!!! Plus the butterfly design on my straightener is beautiful. I love it!!

Lindsey P.

My hair is curly, VERY CURLY and there's a lot of it... it usually takes me over an hour to straighten it so when my friend gifted me the Karma Straightener I was ecstatic to find out it only took 15 minutes for me to have perfectly sleek, straight, crease-free, frizz free sexy hair!!! I'm never using any other brand again! Thank you DNA!! 

Monica Marie

I've been using DNA's 32MM Curling Iron for a while and it's seriously the best curler I've ever owned... I have very straight flat boring hair (it never used to hold a curl) until now!!! Thank you DNA now I can look fabulous every day!  

Marisa S. Patel

Transform your hair from thin, to thick in just 5 minutes.