Warranty Returns

DNA™ Professional Hair Tools provides you with a lifetime warranty on straighteners, curling irons, and heat brushes. 

We are pleased to offer a return policy on unopened or unused hair extensions within 14 days of you receiving your order. We only accept returns or exchanges on hair extensions that have not been opened, worn or, in any way, tampered with. We do not allow opened items to be returned or exchanged. 

Allow 1 to 3 business days for claim to be processed

please send an email including the following details:

1) order number 

2) indicate new color choice or include a photo of your hair in natural light for color matching

3) email to: dnahairtools@gmail.com

Must be unopened - gold ties must be intact.

Please choose from either the mail or online return methods to redeem your warranty: 

*If your iron has malfunctioned within thirty days of purchase please use the Mail Return Method. The $20.00 service fee will be waived. You may also return to the original location of purchase to service your warranty immediately.

** Warranty program does not cover shipping out of the Mainland U.S. For redemptions from Canada, Hawaii or Mexico please send $25.00USD service fee. For any other international shipments, please send $34.99USD.

Mail Return Method

In order to exchange your damaged items, please send the following: 

  • The damaged iron. 
  • Completed warranty card.  If you don’t have a warranty form, please click here.
  • Copy of the original receipt, or bank statement, as proof of purchase.
  • $20.00USD service fee* (check or money order).

*The service fee may vary for certain products.
No products will be replaced without this payment attached. 

**For redemptions from Canada, Hawaii, or Mexico, please send $25.00USD service fee.

***For other international warranties, please send $39.99USD. 

Please send the above to: 

       DNA Hair Tools LLC
       3957 E Speedway Blvd. 
       Suite 205
       Tucson AZ, 85712

       (please allow 7-10 business days from the day the product is received)

If you have a not registered your product please click here.


Online Return Method

If you have the receipt but do not wish to ship back your damaged iron, you may upload a picture of your damaged item with the receipt included.

Please make sure the image clearly shows the purchase receipt, as well as the DNA Iron within the same photo. If you do not have copy of your receipt, you may use a bank statement instead.

Your product must be register in order to receive the warranty, if you have not registered your product please click here.

Please make sure to fill out all the required fields before uploading. If accepted, you will receive a coupon code for your particular iron within 72 business hours.

The coupon code is redeemable on our online store only.

A $29.99 fee for the Online Return Method will be applied. The fee will be applied to the coupon discount.

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